Delivering the Efficient Carpet Cleaning Service You Need

On a daily basis, you are tracking in dirt and dust particles when you walk over your flooring. Accidents happen, and you can spill food or drinks onto your carpet. This could result in stains that detract from the beauty of your interiors. Coast Chem Dry is the company to call when you need the services of a carpet cleaner. Catering to customers in the Ocean Springs, MS area, we have been in business for over twenty-five years. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to provide our cleaning services, and we’re open Monday to Friday to cater to our customers.


We use the best equipment and tools to deliver a carpet cleaning service that our customers will be satisfied with. We work with residential and commercial customers, and we are the floor cleaning experts that will help keep your environment sanitary and safe. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that the interiors of your homes and offices are safe.


With our high-powered equipment and effective cleaning products, we can deliver a deep cleaning that reaches the innermost layers of the carpet’s fibers. We can tackle even the toughest and most hard-to-remove stains. A professional carpet cleaner can deliver a more efficient and thorough cleaning job than you could achieve on your own with a regular vacuum. Try our services and say goodbye to dirt, debris, and other environmental pollutants.


A good carpet cleaning will not only give your floors a makeover, it will also lessen the respiratory irritants circulating in your indoor air. Improved air quality makes the space cleaner and safer for all members of your household.

For the best carpet cleaning service in the Ocean Springs, MS area, look no further than Coast Chem Dry. We are the experienced cleaners who have the right tools, skills, and knowledge to provide an efficient cleaning service that will restore the beauty of your carpets. To learn more about our company and our rates, call us at (228) 460-3207.